Marketing Security: Avert Disaster – Protect Your Online Brand

Internet marketing for businesses and non-profits is critical to success. No longer is it just a website; it is the whole online brand. If the goal of your company or non-profit organization is to generate leads, then you must have a plan that you can implement across several platforms to increase visibility through effective branding. The strategy is to create relevance, trust and authority for your business. To be effective, your plan must be integrated across multiple platforms to reach and engage your market.

Just like the contractor who builds a house begins with the architect’s plans, it’s no different in the art and science of marketing. To be able to build the best online marketing plan for your business, we always start with where you are today. Just as the contractor will survey the land, the successful marketer will take a virtual snapshot of where the brand exists online.

Future-Proof Your SEO Success Strategies

There’s no denying that SEO, and the Internet business at large, have changed fundamentally in the last year or two. While some were quick to proclaim that SEO is dead (again!), it is more likely that the “algorithm chasing” SEO is the one that’s on his death-bed. He will not be missed too much by many webmasters and business owners!

However, Google’s devastating trinity: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update, have left the SEO community in disarray. Which SEO strategies are still “safe”, and worth pursuing – now, and in the future?

Let’s start with the on-site SEO: forget about keyword density and other similar old-fashioned metrics, the goal now is creating a good user experience!

Ask yourself: what are the needs of your audience? How do you plan to satisfy your users, so that they stay on your site, interact with it, and do whatever you’ve designed your site for them to do. You should know what your bounce rate is, and work actively on minimizing it.

Google is now recording the engagement metrics, which can affect your rankings. This will not likely change in the future, quite contrary: user’s engagement will be more important than ever.

Semantic SEO is finally coming of age. Help search engines better understand your content by adopting semantic HTML: it will pay off in the long run, because the future of the web will most likely be semantic!

Off-site SEO makes many a webmaster want to throw up their hands in despair! Small wonder!

Those caught red-handed in link buying, employing “link wheels” and other link schemes, have suffered the most from the recent Google changes. Google will certainly continue its battle against what he deems “web spam”, so be very careful with link building. Some types of links can now actually hurt your site rankings.

The only type of link building that is recommended now, and in the near future, is the manual link building. The most frequently dispensed advice when it comes to link building is to vary your anchor texts and link to inner pages as much as possible. But, even that is not completely foolproof. Some SEOs claim they’ve abandoned link building altogether!

We can certainly expect some further developments in this area, because what is a web if not a myriad of links pointing to one another?

Social media “fad” has proven to have a staying power, so expect even SEO to become more “social” in the future. Having in place a strong social media presence and a solid content strategy seem to be a common characteristic of those winning at a moment.

Having said all this, the most important piece of advice when it comes to SEO is that nothing ever stays the same for too long. Things change, and on the internet – things can change very quickly! So pick and choose your SEO strategies wisely.

Trends and Future of Email Marketing

As another year comes to an end it’s about time we answered these questions: “What are the trends of e-mail marketing in 2014?”. Are we supposed to expect any changes in the upcoming year? What is the future of email marketing?

The evolution of technology is constantly changing the way people around the world connect to the Internet. Computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones have changed the way email marketing campaigns are being executed nowadays. Therefore, these changes have given new opportunities for digital marketers like XN–internettmarkedsfring.

It’s difficult to guess what the new year will bring for email marketing, however we are able to predict some trends that will be important in the upcoming year. Have a look below:

Automatic campaigns

We can clearly notice that more and more marketers decide to send automated campaigns, such as birthday wishes, or occasional promotions, taking advantage of shares and likes of social channels. Auto campaign makes the job of many professionals much easier, so that they can focus on different things within the company. But, there is a basic automation that is not yet fully used by marketers and it’s called: “welcome campaign”.

Therefore, in 2014 we will probably see the rise of automatic campaigns as a fast way of communicating with clients and gaining likes/shares.

Templates for portable devices

The number of portable devices is constantly growing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have templates designed especially for portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones that can be used to send email marketing campaigns. This way you will certainly make your job easier, especially when you are not able to use your computer to send an e-mail campaign and need to do it via ex. a mobile phone. When it comes to deal with e-mail marketing campaigns, make sure that you do not forget about another important factor, which is: interesting content.


Marketers all over the world need to be more flexible in terms of how their communications are delivered across different channels. It means that not only the design of an email marketing campaign is important but also the way it is delivered and presented to the recipients. Therefore, appropriate design is becoming more and more important in the virtual world and it is crucial nowadays to give participants the best possible experience and encourage them to convert.

The importance of Social Media

One of the biggest dilemma of many marketers is: how to create a content that will encourage its readers to share or/and like the article. We presume that in 2014 a big part of the email marketing world will concentrate on smart and personalized content that will encourage openings, shares and likes. We know that unique information as well as product reviews and discounts have high chances to be shared rather than ordinary newsletters.

Email marketing campaigns give a chance to get closer to customers on the condition that they are carried out correctly. To improve the relationship between your company and your customers, we recommend that you get familiar with the above tips. Encourage your recipients to share the campaign content on Social Networks. Also, target and customize your communications according to the target audience and do not forget to analyze the results at the end of every campaign.